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December 21, 2012


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Journal Entry: Fri Dec 21, 2012, 9:48 AM
Gems found when browsing and from forum thread.

Big Kid by nathanhurst Best Friends by nathanhurst Uncle by nathanhurst
Shower by nathanhurst Lone by nathanhurst Girl with a Black Dog by nathanhurst

Bridges Of Moscow 4 by FunderVogel Windows Of Moscow 1 by FunderVogel Bridges Of Moscow 3 by FunderVogel

doh' by ALEXAst lost by ALEXAst future by ALEXAst
bee by ALEXAst transformation by ALEXAst

Jail Bird by heycalebmorris Deep Sea Diver by heycalebmorris
Dust Bowl by heycalebmorris

Untitled -run like hell- by lien Safe by lien WhiteStudy by lien
CompassionFatigue by lien Cage by lien

:thumb337011192: ghena by alinvarticeanu Apples by alinvarticeanu
detail still life by alinvarticeanu vilcova boats by alinvarticeanu

Monster BFF by Kata Round Buddies by Kata OTM: Christmas Custom Trio by Kata

SUR 2 by BioNature SUR by BioNature dsfgggggg by BioNature

Fish - Bulldog II. 2011 by Yudaev Before the City Gate. 2004 by Yudaev Epoch of Norman Conquest. 2004 by Yudaev
New Moon. 2004 by Yudaev Four Houses. 2005-2007 by Yudaev The Wall  No43. 2004 by Yudaev
Small Motley Fish. 1997 by Yudaev

Ray Charles by eosvector AI 2124 by eosvector
Zodiac Virgo by eosvector

Pantheistic Pumpkins by PaintMyWorldRainbow Prophetic Poinsettias by PaintMyWorldRainbow Magic Mandarinfish by PaintMyWorldRainbow
Shamanic Shrooms by PaintMyWorldRainbow Dionysian Dance by PaintMyWorldRainbow

something by iruakalus9  hold on by iruakalus9 Odd man out by iruakalus9
aim and shot by iruakalus9 icarus by iruakalus9  face333 by iruakalus9

the voice by Delawer-Omar When the hope leaves by Delawer-Omar dance of Freedom by Delawer-Omar

Afternoon Swim by IvanMerlin Straw by IvanMerlin Window Seat by IvanMerlin
Should Be by IvanMerlin Megalomania II by IvanMerlin

Bantu by jessiah by DelHewittJr Iron Man Colored RossACampbell by DelHewittJr Ebony Kiss by jessiah by DelHewittJr

Enlightened by Miguel-Santos M a s k by Miguel-Santos F i a t L u x by Miguel-Santos

Below Deck by redeye-art 8 by redeye-art
Photon Song by redeye-art

Vintage1 by kareldeg77 House For Sale... by kareldeg77 Let's Measure... by kareldeg77

Oger Smasher by SandroRybak Knight of Cydonia by SandroRybak :thumb334399572:
Wing Golem by SandroRybak mechaaa by SandroRybak spaceship by SandroRybak

Dire crocodile by StefanoMarinetti Byatis by StefanoMarinetti

unerde 11 by unerde gucci by unerde
:thumb272536663: The Beekeeper 3 by unerde Demons by unerde

Orange by junglegrown Section of Color Study by junglegrown Your Love Is My Coffee by junglegrown

Wildlife Portraits - 13 by studpup Wildlife Portraits - 15 by studpup Wildlife Portraits - 11 by studpup
Wildlife Portraits - 1 by studpup Wildlife Portraits - 14 by studpup

Aquamarine and Tourmaline Pendant by Civyx Activation Talisman by Civyx
Tourmaline, Garnet and Peridot wire wrap by Civyx Silver and Brass ring by Civyx Wire Wrap 9 FINAL by Civyx

Lviv roofs by sToniA St. Petersburg upside down by sToniA St. Petersburg roofs by sToniA

The Lover of War by tacoroach Edge by tacoroach

asleep by MortenOlesen La muerta de una coffee maker by MortenOlesen fork approaching by MortenOlesen
death of a coward (things left undone) by MortenOlesen two by MortenOlesen Birds' eyes by MortenOlesen

Sci-fi gun commission by Indiron Mysterious temple by Indiron Old steampunk powder gun by Indiron

Lucifer by hydezz ununnke by hydezz Psychiatrist by hydezz
lowlife by hydezz Nara by hydezz

Bumblebee by Remenance Uprisen by Remenance Brain Ded by Remenance
The Soldier by Remenance Vitriol by Remenance

The Time Traveller by ixnivek Ai No Uta by ixnivek
Expelled by ixnivek Transcending Love by ixnivek Fisherman and Magic Apes by ixnivek

Slenderman for Spekti by EmiliAlys The Rats 6D6 by EmiliAlys The butchers degree show by EmiliAlys
The Brute by EmiliAlys Red Pyramid Thing by EmiliAlys

2012 sampler by Iron-Eye Kendall Ironworks by Iron-Eye Kitchen knife mark 2 by Iron-Eye
Kitchen knife by Iron-Eye Hand Forged Dagger (Arkansas Toothpick) by Iron-Eye

Stronger by noxxut :thumb287377951: :thumb320718092:
The Future's So Bright by noxxut :thumb292151564:

20 by SlyFoxPhotography 28 by SlyFoxPhotography
37 by SlyFoxPhotography

Light Thief by TheRockMonster Tribute by TheRockMonster
Let us Crush The Earth by TheRockMonster

+ The Dragon Mask + by ToxicOxygen + The Spine + by ToxicOxygen + Yoon Eun-Hye + by ToxicOxygen

Finn and Jake by FreaksDontBite

C: PEANUT by wondering-souls Glass Paint by wondering-souls Avengers: Iron Man by wondering-souls

Drapery by TheCures Friday by TheCures MyBestFriend by TheCures

Surreal Portal by MadGardens Wonderland by MadGardens LadyBird by MadGardens
Gaia by MadGardens Tapping Unseen Potential by MadGardens

the transformation by sophiaazhou (v)icar(io)us . vii by sophiaazhou 5718. by sophiaazhou

skull by Ramonova slugs by Ramonova Love potion by Ramonova

:thumb343962727: :thumb343756736: :thumb343962481:

Chamelemon by Noctudelic Spooky Night by Noctudelic

Hand- House on EXPLODING PLANET by Fuee Hand- Green stuff, round II by Fuee Hand- Evil by Fuee
Hand- Floral stuff by Fuee Hand- Flower machine thing by Fuee

I'll Give You The Moon by louise-rabey Seeing the Lights by louise-rabey 'I'll Give You The Moon' (2) by louise-rabey
Living in a fantasy. by louise-rabey Untitled by louise-rabey

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

Cheers, Peace, Love and Happy Holidays,

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Wow...what an awesome collection and thank you so much for featuring my work, much appreciated!

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Thank you so much for the features! What a wonderful collection of artwork c:
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