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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 1:15 PM



St. Malo beach Ille-et-Vilaine  France by hubert61

  Alencon Orne France by hubert61  Entered the castle of Carrouge Orne France by hubert61  The family home Mace Alencon France by hubert61

  bridge Fresnay sur Sarthe France by hubert61  house Argentan Orne France by hubert61  Bridge Sable sur Sarthe Sarthe France by hubert61

une journee a la ville Tours by hubert61  St. Malo1 beach Ille-et-Vilaine  France by hubert61  Winding road of St Leonard Wood Sarthe France by hubert61

Leve L Ancre by hubert61

Noyers sur serein6 by hubert61    L Huisne1 Le mans Sarthe France by hubert61

facade3 La Perriere Orne France by hubert61

La Crise1 by hubert61

facade10 Paris by hubert61  Le Rouge by hubert61  Sur les berges de by hubert61

Fresnay sur Sarthe Sarthe France by hubert61   Saint Leonard des bois Sarthe France by hubert61

Le Mans7 Sarthe France by hubert61

Le Mans8 Sarthe France by hubert61  Castle1 of Carrouge Orne France by hubert61

Huile by hubert61

Noyers sur serein by hubert61  Laval1 by hubert61  Tonnerre  la petite venise by hubert61

A street2 in the old Le Mans Sarthe France by hubert61  La Trinite Caen Calvados France by hubert61  Castle of Sable sur Sarthe  Sarthe France by hubert61

regime boisseau Tours by hubert61

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Cheers, Peace, Love

Beautiful Photography

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 24, 2014, 5:24 PM

Captures By


disbalance of power by EintoeRn

Sonnendeck by EintoeRn The Blue-Eyed Beast by EintoeRn Visiting An Old Friend by EintoeRn

Network by EintoeRn Rescue is Partial by EintoeRn

breakwater light by EintoeRn Emergency Exit by EintoeRn

Atlantic Postcard by EintoeRn Strand.Korb by EintoeRn

Hermannrode by EintoeRn X.Ing by EintoeRn In The Distance by EintoeRn

Out For Dinner by EintoeRn Pizza Hotel Revisited by EintoeRn WAGENPFLEGE by EintoeRn

46 tons by EintoeRn The Lock by EintoeRn

why didn't you call ? by EintoeRn Good.Grip by EintoeRn

Tales From The Wire-Puller by EintoeRn DOWNWARD. by EintoeRn

The Windmill Beacon by EintoeRn

just turn around by EintoeRn

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Cheers, Peace, Love

Small features


Journal Entry: Fri Dec 21, 2012, 9:48 AM
Gems found when browsing and from forum thread.

Big Kid by nathanhurst Best Friends by nathanhurst Uncle by nathanhurst
Shower by nathanhurst Lone by nathanhurst

Mature Content

Girl with a Black Dog by nathanhurst

Bridges Of Moscow 4 by FunderVogel Windows Of Moscow 1 by FunderVogel Bridges Of Moscow 3 by FunderVogel

doh' by ALEXAst lost by ALEXAst future by ALEXAst
bee by ALEXAst transformation by ALEXAst

Jail Bird by heycalebmorris Deep Sea Diver by heycalebmorris
Dust Bowl by heycalebmorris

Untitled -run like hell- by lien Safe by lien WhiteStudy by lien
CompassionFatigue by lien Cage by lien

:thumb337011192: ghena by alinvarticeanu Apples by alinvarticeanu
detail still life by alinvarticeanu vilcova boats by alinvarticeanu

Monster BFF by Kata Round Buddies by Kata OTM: Christmas Custom Trio by Kata

SUR 2 by BioNature SUR by BioNature dsfgggggg by BioNature

Fish - Bulldog II. 2011 by Yudaev Before the City Gate. 2004 by Yudaev Epoch of Norman Conquest. 2004 by Yudaev
New Moon. 2004 by Yudaev Four Houses. 2005-2007 by Yudaev The Wall  No43. 2004 by Yudaev
Small Motley Fish. 1997 by Yudaev

Ray Charles by eosvector AI 2124 by eosvector
Zodiac Virgo by eosvector

Pantheistic Pumpkins by PaintMyWorldRainbow Prophetic Poinsettias by PaintMyWorldRainbow Magic Mandarinfish by PaintMyWorldRainbow
Shamanic Shrooms by PaintMyWorldRainbow Dionysian Dance by PaintMyWorldRainbow

something by iruakalus9   hold on by iruakalus9 Odd man out by iruakalus9
aim and shot by iruakalus9 icarus by iruakalus9   face333 by iruakalus9

the voice by Delawer-Omar When the hope leaves by Delawer-Omar dance of Freedom by Delawer-Omar

Afternoon Swim by IvanMerlin Straw by IvanMerlin Window Seat by IvanMerlin
Should Be by IvanMerlin Megalomania II by IvanMerlin

Bantu by jessiah by DelHewittJr Iron Man Colored RossACampbell by DelHewittJr Ebony Kiss by jessiah by DelHewittJr

Enlightened by Miguel-Santos M a s k by Miguel-Santos F i a t L u x by Miguel-Santos

Below Deck by redeye-art 8 by redeye-art
Photon Song by redeye-art

:thumb315295909: :thumb318579253: :thumb315319791:

Oger Smasher by SandroRybak Knight of Cydonia by SandroRybak :thumb334399572:
Wing Golem by SandroRybak mechaaa by SandroRybak spaceship by SandroRybak

Dire crocodile by StefanoMarinetti Byatis by StefanoMarinetti

unerde 11 by unerde gucci by unerde
:thumb272536663: The Beekeeper 3 by unerde Demons by unerde

Orange by junglegrown Section of Color Study by junglegrown Your Love Is My Coffee by junglegrown


Aquamarine and Tourmaline Pendant by Civyx Activation Talisman by Civyx
Tourmaline, Garnet and Peridot wire wrap by Civyx Silver and Brass ring by Civyx Wire Wrap 9 FINAL by Civyx

Lviv roofs by sToniA St. Petersburg upside down by sToniA St. Petersburg roofs by sToniA

The Lover of War by tacoroach Edge by tacoroach

asleep by MortenOlesen La muerta de una coffee maker by MortenOlesen fork approaching by MortenOlesen
death of a coward (things left undone) by MortenOlesen two by MortenOlesen Birds' eyes by MortenOlesen

Sci-fi gun commission by Indiron Mysterious temple by Indiron Old steampunk powder gun by Indiron

Lucifer by hydezz ununnke by hydezz Psychiatrist by hydezz
lowlife by hydezz Nara by hydezz

Bumblebee by Remenance Uprisen by Remenance Brain Ded by Remenance
The Soldier by Remenance Vitriol by Remenance

The Time Traveller by ixnivek Ai No Uta by ixnivek
Expelled by ixnivek Transcending Love by ixnivek Fisherman and Magic Apes by ixnivek

Slenderman for Spekti by EmiliAlys The Rats 6D6 by EmiliAlys The butchers degree show by EmiliAlys

Mature Content

The Brute by EmiliAlys
Red Pyramid Thing by EmiliAlys

:thumb338554751: :thumb289258123: Kitchen knife mark 2 by Iron-Eye
Kitchen knife by Iron-Eye Hand Forged Dagger (Arkansas Toothpick) by Iron-Eye

:thumb299220444: :thumb287377951: :thumb320718092:
:thumb322126556: :thumb292151564:

20 by SlyFoxPhotography 28 by SlyFoxPhotography
37 by SlyFoxPhotography

:thumb340118777: :thumb342833632:

+ The Dragon Mask + by ToxicOxygen + The Spine + by ToxicOxygen + Yoon Eun-Hye + by ToxicOxygen


C: PEANUT by sambeawesome Glass Paint by sambeawesome Avengers: Iron Man by sambeawesome


Surreal Portal by MadGardens Wonderland by MadGardens LadyBird by MadGardens
Gaia by MadGardens Tapping Unseen Potential by MadGardens

the transformation by sophiaazhou (v)icar(io)us . vii by sophiaazhou 5718. by sophiaazhou

skull by Ramonova slugs by Ramonova Love potion by Ramonova

:thumb343962727: :thumb343756736: :thumb343962481:

:thumb322374561: :thumb332432336:

Hand- House on EXPLODING PLANET by Fuee Hand- Green stuff, round II by Fuee Hand- Evil by Fuee
Hand- Floral stuff by Fuee Hand- Flower machine thing by Fuee

I'll Give You The Moon by louise-rabey Seeing the Lights by louise-rabey 'I'll Give You The Moon' (2) by louise-rabey
Living in a fantasy. by louise-rabey Untitled by louise-rabey

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

Cheers, Peace, Love and Happy Holidays,

Small features


Journal Entry: Mon Mar 5, 2012, 6:25 PM
Give 'em some suga, they are ur neighbors!


Keith Haring by Marie-Esther Like a rolling stone by Marie-Esther International you day by Marie-Esther
Walk on the wild side by Marie-Esther Cry baby by Marie-Esther Hey Joe by Marie-Esther

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:


ice age by sth22art tales of the city I by sth22art white lines II by sth22art
CS 006 by sth22art CS 051 by sth22art

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:


Autumn walk by Dreamnr9 Spring by Dreamnr9 Flying Cyprian by Dreamnr9
a bouquet of flowers by Dreamnr9 Water lilies by Dreamnr9

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:


Abstract sea garden by froshellin Troubled man by froshellin Persian sea hours by froshellin
Cubismo salvaje by froshellin Summer storm by froshellin

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:


Old Kubota farm tractor by steverino365 John Deere 4210 - Commission by steverino365 1948 Fire Engine Sugarhill, NH by steverino365
New Hampshire Sugar House by steverino365 :thumb195581639:

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:


Value Added by kparks Taste the Good Life by kparks The War on Christmas by kparks
A Dream, Twisted by kparks Bloodshot by kparks

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:


Klein-bottle colours A8 by sculptormenyi Klein bottle 11 colours D by sculptormenyi Klein bottle with 10 faces 2011a by sculptormenyi
The Sailing by sculptormenyi Yukata 1a by sculptormenyi Yukata 5 by sculptormenyi

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:


HUITLACOCHE by kd-matheson MANNIHUNI by kd-matheson
PRANA by kd-matheson MARIONETA by kd-matheson THOTH,blk+ wht by kd-matheson

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:


The Gaze by MoritzMiessl Self-portrait by MoritzMiessl Warrior standing on a mondrian by MoritzMiessl
Composition Seven by MoritzMiessl Woman on a chair by MoritzMiessl

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

Cheers, Peace, Love


Journal Entry: Sat Dec 10, 2011, 4:11 PM

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

The Amazing Art Of


Arrival by Brummbear45 Diamond Heart by Brummbear45 A Crack in the World by Brummbear45
Resurrection of Pointless Joy by Brummbear45 State of the Heart by Brummbear45 Follow your Heart by Brummbear45

See more of his jaw-dropping art in his gallery : Brummbear45 On DeviantArt.



Sephirot 3 by hypomicro Remembrance Rooms by hypomicro Sephirot 1 by hypomicro
Shanti trees poster v3 by hypomicro Spirit by hypomicro Shanti trees poster v2 by hypomicro

See more of his luminous works in his gallery : Hypomicro On DeviantArt.

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

Merry Christmas To Friends, Watchers & All Deviants!

Cheers, Peace, Love

The Rumour Said Fire

Fri Oct 7, 2011, 6:13 PM
The Balcony by The Rumour Said Fire.

Pay no attention, I'm just testing.

Arty Bollocks Generator

Sat Jun 25, 2011, 3:21 PM

Do you hate having to write your artist statement?

Generate your own here for free, and if you don't like it, generate another one.

For use with funding applications, exhibitions, curriculum vitae, websites .

So for some utter bollocks, won't you try out the

Arty Bollocks Generator !!!



Don't Let The Past Dictate Who You Are, Let It Be A Part Of Who You'll Become.

I Have A ShoutBox, Now Go Abuse It !!! That's An Order !!! :threaten:


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 26, 2011, 11:48 PM
Haven't been arting much, haven't been living much, haven't been having much, whatever that means. The engine's just not revving. Hope all is well with you lot tho.



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Don't Let The Past Dictate Who You Are, Let It Be A Part Of Who You'll Become.

I Have A ShoutBox, Now Go Abuse It !!! That's An Order !!! :threaten:


Journal Entry: Wed Dec 8, 2010, 12:50 PM

Check out the brilliant traditional & digital paintings of Andreas Konstantinidis . Love the style!

:thumb188539160: Sirens by Konstantinidis :thumb188543354:
Journey by Konstantinidis First Kiss by Konstantinidis :thumb188332806:
:thumb188331614: :thumb188541832: Female Torso by Konstantinidis

If you want to see more of his excellent works, click his icon below :




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Don't Let The Past Dictate Who You Are, Let It Be A Part Of Who You'll Become.

I Have A ShoutBox, Now Go Abuse It !!! That's An Order !!! :threaten:

  • Listening to: Something Like This - Scissor Sisters
  • Reading: Shantaram - Greogory David Roberts
  • Watching: Elling - Petter Næss
  • Eating: Butter Garlic Mussels
  • Drinking: Red Bull


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 25, 2010, 6:35 PM

If you are looking for art that is unusual, something outside of the norm,
try visiting the group The External Gallery .
It showcases some of the most intriguing, beguiling, expressive
and intimate works by various :devart: artists. Have a look through the galleries
and I'm sure you will find something that will grab your attention.
I've provided the link to the group below :

Group Homepage :

Founded by :

And here's a selection of some of the exquisite pieces that you can find in the gallery :

Run Amoeba Run by vatslav the asylum at 4 A.M. by y-f-s :thumb54824684:
more choice by fleetofgypsies The Sanctuary by davegoldartgallery Vitality by SheerHeart
Das Bureaux by Czino fall in spring by jelefi self-hatred by OluDeniz
Ab10 Fate by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM bath 11 by cal-s Vector Gangster by vatslav
Body And Mind by BalloonTomb :thumb183222547: :thumb184095203:  
A Long, Sadistic Trance. by cigarettedisease The Audio Visualizer by John-Indian :thumb182680320:   
Nowhere, U.S.A. by fleetofgypsies EndSymmetryStartChaos by MayaVogrin Double Edged by cloistering
Going On Alone by Bark vicious circle by OluDeniz The day world was end by Chiyuky

That's it, thank you, and I wish you the best of health! Peace out!



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Don't Let The Past Dictate Who You Are, Let It Be A Part Of Who You'll Become.

I Have A ShoutBox, Now Go Abuse It !!! That's An Order !!! :threaten:

  • Listening to: Making Me Nervous - Brad Sucks
  • Reading: Shantaram - Greogory David Roberts
  • Watching: Songs from the Second Floor - Roy Andersson
  • Playing: Blasterball 3
  • Eating: Fish & Chips
  • Drinking: Milk Coffee
  • Listening to: Rabbit Heart - Florence & The Machine
  • Drinking: Green Tea


Give 'em some suga, they are ur neighbors!


Home Sweet Home by Pakoune Charming Helene by Pakoune Speed Painting, Grey Child by Pakoune



Abflug No.1 by mellowpt enlighten me by mellowpt beach beat flyer by mellowpt



Stellersaur by JaemeNewton All Together Now - Finished by JaemeNewton Early Worm Catches the Bird by JaemeNewton



-F-art-new-MAGICAL-1- by AlienPrinter -t-shirt-my-home-gray- by AlienPrinter -Plastic-Tac-wallpaper3- by AlienPrinter



:thumb164689356: :thumb162655925: :thumb164681039:



The Immigration 05 by drewschermick i don't like to dream about by drewschermick Don't tell me you don't know by drewschermick



:thumb157646017: :thumb162808723: :thumb161679457:



Hef by DK-Studio Dog by DK-Studio Rick Ross by DK-Studio



Stark Edifice by RhetoricHaystack Quetzalcoatl by RhetoricHaystack Humid Edifice by RhetoricHaystack



just a hand by marwanove the impression of a city by marwanove the bird and the Hollow chair by marwanove



:thumb165076981: :thumb163735472: :thumb145955410:



English Village on the Thames by richardcgreen The Descent of GWBush by richardcgreen The Return of Polyphemus by richardcgreen



Isis - Leather Mask. by xothique Steampunk inspired mask by xothique Iron Mask - Leather. by xothique



:thumb125550838: :thumb85147458: :thumb94382142:



o l d i e s . by me-inside515 Smoke of cinderella by me-inside515 s e e . t h r o u g h by me-inside515



:thumb160955049: :thumb161390806: + I tell you a secret by Selenys

:thumb144472183: Gravity by MkDsg Burst of Red by poraschaudhary

Cute World by sammy8a Dead square by jonmelzey Psykitchen by nephely

SPARKY 84 by HumanNature84 Moving Boats by amassaf Tupa by Miguel-Hachen

CyberTrout No. 1 by BGDodson Myself And I by js4853

Deviant Demon by VascoMP dejavu by danisuh red heads twins by MARiKaArt

Love Potion by NaBHaN Conservatory of Souls by ssst lunatic monkeys by intentodeser

Synthetic Angel by Anagli 1000 UNITS by HR-FM 'Death Awaits' by hoppart

Box 2 by JimmyMcCullough Archaeogalea by nyctopterus Top Fuel Dragster Template by graphicwolf

Phillip the Cat by chris-cote Danse Eternelle by mimulux :thumb165245121:


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Don't Let The Past Dictate Who You Are, Let It Be A Part Of Who You'll Become.

I Have A ShoutBox, Now Go Abuse It !!! That's An Order !!! :threaten:
  • Listening to: Vur - Gökhan Tepe
  • Drinking: Absinthe


Give 'em some suga, they are ur neighbors!


:thumb137563501: :thumb102689577: :thumb106007694:



Fidel by AnneFrank05 Silly Man by AnneFrank05 Blow by AnneFrank05



The Rise of Art by romainjl Tribute to Nujabes by romainjl Wooden Being by romainjl



Relic by jvrichardson Andromeda by jvrichardson Abyssian by jvrichardson



j-rock Addict by Eun-su Visual kei Kira by Eun-su Synthpop Affection by Eun-su



:thumb91255726: :thumb109854731: :thumb90316852:



karel by simone4390 Anoushka. by simone4390 eli by simone4390



spider.ballet by wickfingers pony.pox by wickfingers by wickfingers



:thumb159447070: :thumb159179440: :thumb159446678:



Deep Temptation by AstroVisionary Cosmic Devide by AstroVisionary Shallow predator by AstroVisionary



:thumb121998369: :thumb126931943: :thumb109642183:



Ever dance with the Devil... by artofmadness Hidden Heart by artofmadness Couple Descending Into Madness by artofmadness



Dragonfly Box by Happiness-in-a-box Heart of gold... by Happiness-in-a-box Productive Weekend... by Happiness-in-a-box



Serpent Spirale - Spiral Snake by ElvireClev Lezard rampants - Walking Lizards by ElvireClev Equilibre - Equilibrium by ElvireClev



:thumb154112802: :thumb142353794: :thumb153860854:



:thumb159759615: :thumb159613403: :thumb159615301:



The Ad Man by jonniedee Eva's Ocean by jonniedee Brief des Teufels by jonniedee



:thumb151952496: :thumb152269092: :thumb152410573:



Zinedine Zidane by pensilstudio David Beckham by pensilstudio Paul Gascoigne by pensilstudio



moss by XSini



:thumb159461045: :thumb159417193: :thumb159458278:



Have A Seat by Leap 121 Church by Leap 1946: vCrPr by Leap



Small... by missi-alicja Touch-Your-Face-Again by missi-alicja Black Cat by missi-alicja



The free ride by Birthmark Sigur Ros_3 by Birthmark Pillow fight 2010 I by Birthmark



:thumb55410637: img1663 by pchelag :thumb159050604: No. 77 by Lime-Street

Rainbow by Garelito-Photos autumnal by hannarchy Turn the volume up by Kateey

meliphagidae by nikosalpha Four Nurses by GuddiPoland Old man's portrait by ReneBlom   Shuttle Prototype by deviantmike423

:thumb153999205: I am not a Robot by AdamLife kittun sad by aneh24

Portrait of a poor boy. by ipalbus tattoo flash idea 2010 by jakehawn   Bookcase by JCallius :thumb125583364:

Joseph's Symmetry by Fractalwise Room by kratzdistel

Old car by LilithDarck :thumb137054925: :thumb79065598:

Mr. Clown by WolfieArtGuy the bird and the Hollow chair by marwanove Pied final image by orjatar-321

Peace of Cake by ZoeWieZo Pink Carrera GT by LasseBauer Kooza by bohoelectric

FOLLWED waver_H's TUT+3 by SUPERSSW Muscle 01 by Maieth

Close Your Eyes Too by belez Flat 420 by zerocomplex Cubes Wide by VickyM72

Love & Peace


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Don't Let The Past Dictate Who You Are, Let It Be A Part Of Who You'll Become.

I Have A ShoutBox, Now Go Abuse It !!! That's An Order !!! :threaten:
  • Listening to: Malo Malo Eres by Bele
  • Drinking: Earl Grey


I'm giving out llamas just because I can. Please take good care of them. Yes, I know they spit & kick but they do that cos they love you. Please stock-up on grass, shrubs, and lichens so u can feed ur new pet. If ur llama doesn't want to eat, please contact Jed & Cord of The 16th Amazing Race. They are llama whisperers, they can help your llamas regain appetite.

For those asking what a llama badge is all about, I really have no clue! All I know is that llamas have a history with :devart:. They've been around on :devart: for a long time. For me it's just something fun, a way to get the community interacting with one another. Although now u can trade llamas for points, which to me suddenly makes it, uhm, well I dunno, kind of desperate or cheapens the whole thing. But whatever right? I mean if someone want points and this is one way to gain them, then why not? And who am I to judge! So really, whether u do it for fun or the points or both, it doesn't matter, do as u please! No policing in this house.

So for those who want to trade llama for points look for the information at


And it's good to add hq to ur devwatch cos any new developments on :devart:, u'll hear from them first.

Love & Peace,


:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:

Lea's Llama... Lunning by jin-rikkun Lea's Llama... Lunning by jin-rikkun Lea's Llama... Lunning by jin-rikkun

The wickedly colorful llama you see above is done by jin-rikkun.

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:



:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:


:iconvector-artists: :iconpencilholicsclub: :icondailydeviants: :iconabstractelicious: :iconthemethursdays:
:iconpainters: :iconwonderful-world: :iconpsychedelictreasures: :iconcooleyiscool:  :iconinkscapers: :iconinkscape:

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:</sup>

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Don't Let The Past Dictate Who You Are, Let It Be A Part Of Who You'll Become.

I Have A ShoutBox, Now Go Abuse It !!! That's An Order !!! :threaten:
  • Listening to: La Flaca De Las Coloradhas by Dick El Demasiado
  • Drinking: Earl Grey


Please read the following entry in a computer-generated voice. Failure to comply will result in auto self-detonation.

Introducing a new group called PencilholicsClub.
No it is not a club for those who are addicted to eating pencils but if you like to eat pencils, maybe you can create a group call Pencil Eaters International or Pencil Eaters Anonymous, depending on whether you want to take pencil-eating to a whole new level or you desperately want to stop the revolting habit. Just a suggestion...

Now, what is PencilholicsClub all about you might ask. It's a club showcasing art done using traditional media such as pencils, paint, pastels, and any other media considered traditional, semen and blood included. So it's not just restricted to pencils but definitely no digital art allowed. Mature content is accepted. Cussing is also very much accepted. Interested much?

Group is founded by the trippy potty-mouth mayan goddess Crystal-LJ. Please note, just because her name is Crystal doesn't mean she's on meth. So if you are the sort that create art using traditional media, don't hesitate to join the club so we can all get down.

Pencilholics Club Link


Please read

PencilholicsClub Rules & Regulations

which has been painstakingly typed out without much thought by Crystal-LJ. She was probably in a dizzy dominatrix drill sergeant mode when she came up with the laws. For further queries/info, please contact/note the Supreme Mother herself  directly :


Seriously though, join the club and share your creations with the community. =D

If the entry is a lil dirty, pardon me. just felt like havin a bit of fun, that's all.

Cheers, Love & Peace,


:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:


:iconvector-artists: :iconpencilholicsclub: :icondailydeviants: :iconabstractelicious: :iconthemethursdays:
:iconpainters: :iconwonderful-world: :iconpsychedelictreasures: :iconcooleyiscool:  :iconinkscapers: :iconinkscape:

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Don't Let The Past Dictate Who You Are, Let It Be A Part Of Who You'll Become.

I Have A ShoutBox, Now Go Abuse It !!! That's An Order !!! :threaten:

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Some of my works have been included in a wicked digital magazine called CODE:FREE conceived by a fellow DA artist Chrisdesign. The magazine showcases art created using free software like Xara, Glips, Krita, K-3D, 3D Canvas etc. but mostly, the art you see in the digital magazine are made using Inkscape, Gimp or Blender. The magazine itself is made with Scribus. So we are talking about loads of open source materials being used here. You'll be amazed at the images some of these artists come up with! Yours truly is on issue no. 3 but oh I am so not worthy! So far, Chris has produced 3 issues of the CODE:FREE magazine.

View CODE:FREE Magazine Online

Download CODE:FREE Magazine At
CODE:FREE By ChrisDesign

Pay A Visit To
ChrisDesign's Gallery On Deviant Art

Tutorials, Graphics, Downloads At
ChrisDesign's Blog On Wordpress

Thank you Chris for including me in the magazine.

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Sete d'assoluto by thomstudio Kangrejin... by Bug-Productions :thumb153560513:

:thumb151561689: Nameless by San-T sunset by ecezeber

:thumb152974836: Pagoda Half by Thomas-Shafee Midland single 1896 by Artistjeffries

Ode to serenity by nabakishore :thumb152770919: Illustration Assignment by k1lltheidols

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Sorry I haven't been around much. It's just that I'm alive but I'm dead, you know. But whatever, I hope everyone's in mint condition & that life is treating you well.

Love, Peace, Cheers,

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